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Spirit Visions started at  a young age for me. I had the ability to close my eyes and connect with someone's energy and receive visions on what their soul was trying to communicate that the person was not able to see for themselves. I could sense their energy and feelings and then visions would appear to me in a form of healing. Spirit would guide me to perform hands on healing at first and that expanded as I dived deeper into my spiritual journey.  As I was called back to my roots in Shamanism, my visions expanded as I worked with Spirit and the ancestors. My visions expanded even deeper not just for healings for others but for myself.  My visions lead me deep into my own  healing with my ancestors for over a year. 

Spirit Vision is how I serve the world through private sessions or groups. Spirit Visions are held in space as sacred ceremony for healing, or sharing what Spirit would like to share with the person. Spirit Visions can assist you to have clarity in your life, understand your beautiful medicine you have to offer. Think of Spirit Visions as having a talk with your own Spirt.

Each vision is divinely channeled to guide you towards your highest destiny, to heal the wounds of the past and to help you rebirth

into the life of your dreams.  Once your spirit vision quest is received we will work together during the session to clear the past, awaken the new imprints of your luminous field, heal your destiny and attune to your souls calling through ceremony, practice and vision mapping. 


"When we reconnect to our soul's essence we feel at peace, and find our divine place on this earth."

 Healing Ceremony, Blessing Ceremony, Cleansing Ceremony, Soul Recovery Ceremony, Inner Chi Restoration

 As part of your Spirit Vision we will engage in a ceremony Healing. Ceremonies and rituals are customized  and  designed for you. 

Included in the ceremony is drumming, sacred sound, movement, tea ceremony, and intention setting. 

These energy sessions are customized to what your soul is calling for or what your body needs to release.  The experience could include hands on energy healing, medicine journeys where I am guided to embody the healing that is needed. awakens stillness.

Most importantly you are always engaged fully in the process of the  healing ceremony. We always start with a cleansing and a womb healing, then we may be guided to move or dance in our body, along with deep breath work and a reconnection to your spirit energy.

We will hold the candle in the darkness and delve deeper to heal the female energy and feminine spirit.

If you feel disconnected from your body, always in thought, looking for others to make decisions for you, fearful to stand in your own power with confidence, unable to to break unhealthy patterns even when you know it is good for you, then dear one healing is needed.

"When we reconnect to our soul's essence we feel at peace, and find our divine place on this earth."