Shamanic Immersions

Calling forward the dreamers, the seekers, the mystics and lightworkers.

These training's are all based to work with the feminine energy 

I believe that every healer has gone through a personal healing journey themselves and through that journey arose their medicine. 

I believe that what I will share with you will only allow you to step through the door of your unique way of serving others. I believe now is the time for the new healer to arise just as our ancient ancestors and  spiritual teachers who walked this earth sourced their wisdom through communication with the earth, the stars, the moon, Divine and their Spirit. 


It is our time now to trust the inner guidance and our Spirit while connecting to the mystery as our ancient ancestors once did.

Allow these teaching below to be a door your walk through to discover your medicine. Thank you for choosing to walk with me, my medicine and the doors that open the way for me to discover my Sacred Self.  I have been blessed to be guided by teachers in this lifetime and continue to always be a student.  In honor of these teachers and many souls who have touched my work I offer my heart and love in sharing these teachings.

My own medicines rose through my healing journey and the deep studies of Shamanism, Andes Ceremony  and Energy Healing, and my experiences of Tuning into my Spirit. May your medicine arise and may we meet in the Field where all creation is made.  

As we gather in ceremony for each teaching we become the conduit of light and merge our energy to step through the gateway to work with Spirit


If our path was meant to cross then it will be.


Self-Love Journey
Self-discovery of Awaken your Medicine
Connecting to Your Mesa
Directions and Light Guardians
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