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The Journey of  

the 7 Luminous Layers



The time has arrived to access your luminous healing powers to journey deep through your temple body. It is not enough now to just remember  we are being called to develope our skills for the medicine we hold within us.


We will journey through the temples  and mountains of Shamanism, Taoism and Sacred Feminine Practices for the purpose of preparing your body, mastering your medicine and strengthening your healing abilities.


This is a deep immersive journey into your luminous self,  soul and spirit through practices of Shamanic Energy Healing, Taoist Medicine Movement, Ceremony and Ritual Offerings, Self Care.Breathwork and Vision  Quest.

Join me starting in September until January 2021 


Ancient Wisdom to access your Divine Powers

Munay means universal love from Shamanism. When we activate Munay within us we open the door to our Spiritual Self and all the wisdom.  We come into ceremony everyday with the celestial realms and pachamama. We look within ourselves as the master to work with the seem and unseen world to continue to activate and strengthen our healing abilities.




Your medicine is being called forward at this time on the planet.  Through the wisdom that was passed down from high temples and different cultures they are calling us now to call upon our wisdom for the next generations to come.  Inside each of us we have a unique medicine waiting for you to explore and discover it.  It is time to activate that medicine now. You will train like a Jedi, learn to master working with energy of the mind, body,soul and spirit to liberate yourself and activate your holy healing powers. This training will take discipline,self practice and a commitment to your healing art..



  • Create a relationship with your spirit allies to assist you in building your medicine.

  • Shed the false self through Shamanic Mikway Process

  • Create Despacho ceremonies for yourself and others to heal and awaken.

  • Illuminate your Divine Self  through Shamanic movement medicine practices, opening the gateways to your Luminous healing powers.

  • Co-create and bring forward the unmanifested to the manifested.



Tuesday and Thursdays from 6:00 to 8:00 PM - Ceremony and Practices

Saturday's from 10:00 to 2:00 Theory on Shamanic & Daoism Energy Teachings

 Shedding, Purfiying and Connection is the theme in this temple. This sacred temple will strengthen your physical and luminous energEtic body through intense Shamanic Taoist practices and re-establishright relationship with your sacred self. We will practice Shamanic energy techniques to connect with the elements of the earth, Apus(Mountains), the waters, the winds and plants.  On Thursdays we will be in ceremony learning sacred ceremonies to go deeper into relationship with ourselves to then emerge feeling empowered as a luminous lightworker.  In ceremony you will also learn how to create despachos as offering to our allies and for ourselves and others.  We will start to build our Mesa and gather our inner and outer healing tools.  

We will be working with the Andean principals of Anyi and Llankay, right relationship with ourselves, our Spirit Guides and Lightbeings and our Mother Earth. Our body is the temple(Llankay) that we can work with to open us up to Munay and Yachay( Universal Love and knowledge turned to experiences turned into wisdom). 

Level 1 Outline

  • Practice your sensing skills 

  • Internal Alchemy of moving energy

  • Opening the Energy Channels within your body

  • Study of the Lower Subtle Physical Energy Plane

  • Working with the South and West Directions within you

  • Absorbing Energy from Sacred Sites and the Elements

  • Creating Offerings for Spirit Guidance and Connection with our Light Family

  • Shamanic Daoist Movements

  • Hand Seals and Sounds

  • Sacred Elemental Ceremonies when and how to work with them.

  • Clearing of Ancestoral Past

  • Mirco-Cosmic Orbit 

  • Building energy in the lower Dan Tien 

  • Illumination process


COMING IN November

Ancient Wisdom to access your Divine Powers

  • Soul Recovery-Energetic and Somatic through Dance

  • Working with the Bridge Astral Plan 

  • Opening the Middle/Heart 


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