The shamanic medicine wheel has 7 main directions of life with archetypes and energy centres that can inform us about our circumstances, our wounds and our power to heal.  We honour the sky and the earth, the south, west, north and the east and the subsoncious underworlds and upperworlds.  


As we learn the way of the medicine wheel, it can bring great healing, wisdom and forgiveness. It can teach us the way of the earth and the heavens and allow us to walk between the worlds of transition with ease and grace.


The medicine within is a transformation practice that delves into the heart of our lives to teach us the tools and guidance that will show us the way back home to ourselves. The medicine within walks us through the medicine wheel and pairs it with the wisdom of the elements, energy medicine, plant medicine and the chakra centres of the body.


We work with the physical plane, the manifested, the unseen and the dream world. We learn to see our shadow and hear its message, move through the challenges of change and transition and rebirth ourselves into our full being and presence

Physical Energy Field

Earth Medicine provides us with firm grounding, safety & security, removal of fear and instability, dissolving obstacles, shedding the past and renewing our souls calling.

We begin the medicine wheel by working in the South and with our home, Earth. First we allow ourselves to shed what we want to let go of, what's holding us back and away from our true calling. We connect with the past, work through our wounds, understand the root causes of our suffering and practice tools of deep healing.


We then begin to cleanse, and transform our wounds through introspection, breath, body prayer practice, ceremony, energy medicine, bath rituals, sound therapy and more. 

 Earth medicine will be practiced  in a multitude of  forms for you to gain access to what is right for you and to learn practices that you can use for the rest of your life. We will work with roots, barks, flowers, earth rituals, drumming, colour, scent, body, breath and mind.


 After our uncovering and transformational work, we will re-integrate and knit the luminous cloth of  our lives back towards wholeness through practices that reconnect us to our source, the Earth mother pachamama and the true connection to ourselves. 

Once this process is complete we will delve into the abyss of the the subconscious, the water element where our intuition and our access to the dream world will take us deeper into our healing and guide us to hear our inner voice and listen, once more.

firm grounding     safety & security    removal of fear    dissolving obstacles   shedding the past    renewing our souls calling


  • Sacred Ceremony

  • Sand Painting

  • Archetypes: Working with our shadow and fears

  • Astrological Imprints: Work with Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo 

  • Body Prayer - sacred movements of earth healing and connection

  • Plant medicinal ceremony and healing teas

  • Flower Medicine Making

  • Munay-Ki Rites- Healers, Protection

  • Shed the Energetic Imprints of the past

  • Illumination Energy Protocol

  • Earth Energy Protcol


Balance the South direction within:

  • instability to stability

  • insecurity to security

  • fear to courage

Learn these ancient and modern tools for your personal practice and your clients:

Ceremonies, Fire, Protection, Blessing, Healing, Despacho, Water

Shamanic & Yogic Breathwork, Sami, Hampprkamayoq, K'anchay, Fire, Cleansing, Calming

Rituals, Healing, Tea

Energy Medicine, Elements within the body, astro imprints, soul retrieval, extraction, chakra system

Journeying, tap and connect into the unseen and bring back healing information,with plants, and spirit teachers for yourself and others.

west direction 

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transformation       dreaming a new world of truth      embracing your shadow  awaken your intuition  letting  go of old identities  

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