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All my sessions are customized with care, compassion for your most tender moments in life

Supporting you through all the tender experiences in you life

From love relationships, to Stress Overload 

Women feel deeply and need emotional  support during these precious times in their live. I am here to help you navigate these times  with a deep compassion and love for yourself.




Love Relationships

I am skilled at navigating  matters of the heart. Helping you understand what you are attracting to yourself  and why.  Healing the heart through a heart detox will start to attract loving relationships in your life in all area's Utilizing my methods below.

stress overload

 Providing  you with supportive tools for everyday to reduce stress and anxiety overload. Learn to honor your deepest emotions stored within your heart of your body. Utilizing flower medicine, bodywork, Energy medicine an emotional detox to support you and bring live in balance with your highest self

My methods to bring you back to emotional balance once again

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Luminous Reading

Soul Prescriptions

Intuitive Healing Methods

Releasing the emotional channels through Chinese Medicine Alchemy Acupressure Points

Healing Flowering and Smoke Ceremony

Heart(Emotional) Detox Ceremony 

Inner Retreat Work

Ayurveda Essential Oil Wraps


Healing your Heartache

Clearing up the Energy patterns that keeps attracting the same type of relationships but with different faces. Your energy patterns that you are projecting are attracting the opposite of what you are looking for, they are pulling in the wounded outcomes.  Let’s clear this heart space up.

Energy Cleanse & Vibrational Realignment

If you are suffering from fatigue low energy, emotional ups and downs, mood swings and confusion a gentle herbal cleanse, breath bath and Aura Checkup will have you feeling even better than you remember.


 The stress of not conceiving when planned  can cause your emotions to  move  into high gear of flight. These type of hormones can be a factor when considering trying for a Spirit baby.  Trauma, anxiety and other emotional factors  may be delaying your progress as well.  I will provide insight and provide self healing practices and and accuppresure points to assist during this tender moment

wellness ceremonies


You are a amazing intuitive being

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