Welcome Beautiful Spirits you finally made it here. You were meant to be here.

The very act of creating space for ceremony allows you to see the beauty within come to life. Healing is held in a container of beauty. Ceremony holds the wounds in beauty it heals the wounds through beauty and unconditional love of the highest frequency of love that the universe offers up to you freely.

This is an invitation for you of deep self discovery 

In this membership I will guide you to connect to your Spirit through Live Events and self-exploration tools for self discovery, healing and spirit growth.  This membership is designed to inspire you to Tune into your Spirit through approaches such as interactive ceremony, emptiness, embodiment and experiential practices. More details below.

Deepen your inner practice, Tune into your Spirit and gather in a global community to bring more peace and love to the world.

Medicine Ceremony is dedicated to reconnecting with your Spirit, reawakening your Sacred Medicine, your Spirit Warrior and mystic feminine  in all of you.

Everyone is welcome here.


$33.00 per month and included


Live Spirit Vision Ceremony (45 min): Corrina will sense into the collective Energy Field receiving visions from the level of the Soul and Spirit. She will provide a healing based on the Vision received. (45 minutes)

IN-Bodiment Ceremony(30 min): Corrina will guide you through movement that will bring you in contact with your soul so you can witness the bliss within your own body. It is a powerful combination of  ceremony movement therapy rooted in Shamanism. Become one with the ceremony through your body touching earth and heaven as you offer your heart and wounds to Spirit.

Audio Guided Medicine Journey:  Guided Journey to experience the doors of the 7 dimensions of the aura field and the Earth and Sky Chakras.   These energy fields have records of everything that you have experienced in this live and past lives and if left unattended to can cause illness and unhappiness. When you cleanse and clear these imprints you start to feel lighter, life will start to fall into place with less effort.

Self-Healing Ceremony Practices: Receive a beautiful written and audio ceremony to follow on your own.  This your Spirit Fitness workout for your to grow. Cleansing, awakening, lunar, and inner alchemy practices to radiate your spirit bodies.

Receive monthly inspirations in your inbox to keep you motivated to be Spirit Fit and Grow.  Receive 10% off workshops and classes as well as 25% off on your first Spirit Vision Blueprint.

Ceremony Boxes are still birthing and will be ready starting October 2020, but you will be able to receive discounts as well for being part of the Medicine Ceremony membership

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