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Today I want you to know that we are all shamans

and we share a single time and space where one is the mirror of the other

~ Paqo Qero Poem

In ceremony we call upon the energies of Pachamama, Source, Sun the Plants and  Elements.  All Ceremonies begin with cleansing before any healing or blessing takes place to clear us from heavy energy and allow the Light to purify the body.

Our ancestors thousands of years ago would use rituals to heal their community, call in abundance, blessings and wellness. 

Ceremony is a way to engage with your soul, go deeper within, active your spiritual centers, awaken your being, heal, awakening your intuitive senses, hear the whispers of Spirit and receive wisdom and learn to trust and feel empowered in yourself. Through a guided Spirit Medicine Journey I enter the unseen on your behalf and work with Spirit to call upon the healing, blessings through this process I receive the medicine ritual that you can start working with right away.  You will also be an active part in this process as movement, breath and sound is called upon


Cleansing, Blessing,  ealing, Feminine Energy Balancing, Ancestral Wound Healing, Flowering Bath Ceremony, Soul Retrieval, Destiny Ceremony, Re-birthing, and Sacred Light for those who have suffered trauma