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Ceremonial Offerings

Cha Dao (Tea Ceremony), Healing Ceremony, Blessing Ceremony, Cleansing Ceremony, Soul Recovery Ceremony, Inner Chi Restoration
Ceremonies and rituals can be customized  and  designed for you.  Included in the ceremony is drumming, sacred sound, movement, tea, in circle and intention setting for new and full moons
In ancient times our ancestors and masters used ceremonies to heal, support, welcome new life, transition and assist someone with calling in abundance and transformation.
Ceremony can become a daily way of life giving you time to listen to your soul, come back into your body, be at peace and see the truth of any situation without judgement and strengthen your inner chi and connect you to your Spirit for guidance.

For me holding sacred space learning how to move my inner chi, and listening to my own inner rhythm along with drumming and moving has been life changing. I feel honored and blessed to hold sacred space for someone to move through their process of surrendering the fight within themselves, allowing themselves to hear what they need and honoring that.   There are times when we cannot do this for ourselves when we become stuck in life and we need support of someone to see what you cannot see for yourself.  For me holding this space with spirit and guiding you intuitively is an honor. 


My intention is to explore your inner chi, which includes your voice the rhythm of your energy and your soul energy.  We explore by using our own voice, our body,  breath  to bring deeper awareness, deeper peace and soul happiness.  At a deeper level to guide you to the inner medicine that allows you to access the energy of the cosmos, the planets, stars, moon and the elements of the earth I call this open the Spirit Gateways within yourself.  

We celebrate all that arises in these ceremonies, we learn from our joy, grief, sadness, pleasure  all emotions all welcomed.

If you are interested in sharing sacred space or feel called for a sacred ceremony in your life