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Guided by spirit each healing session is a unique ceremony for you..

I respect where you are on your journey of healing and I applaud you for the courage to step forward for yourself. As you continue on your healing journey know there will be a day when you will be healed and ready to move on to the next journey of your life.

Know that the wounds you carry will become your medicine to make you stronger, wiser and empowered. Even though it may not feel that way right now I promise you from my own personal experience with healing this will also happen for you.  Healing sessions help you with past trauma, depression, heartache, and if you are looking for direction with your life.

Each below wellness session is an invitation to open your heart, honor yourself, allow yourself to feel deeply and completely in a safe place.

have studied the healing arts for over 15 years now. I am a Master Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner,  Wellness Ceremonialist, Intuitive Seer and Ayurveda Consultant.


I have dedicated myself to guiding and mentoring other healers on their journey to provide support during the ups and downs, healing to move you forward towards your medicine and clarity on what your Spirit Medicine is.  I have also created Luminous Healing Arts for healers to Master your Energy, Soul Master and Mastery of your Medicine through Shamanism across cultures, Taoist Inner Alchemy and Yoga Therapy. 

My sessions can be in person or distant healing.  Spirit provides direction for every session and I encourage you to reach out to me to share what you seek healing for so I could recommend what wellness session is called for.

 I look forward to meeting you

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