Supporting you through awakening your medicine 

From Tuning into your Spirit to understand what you came here to share with the world, creating your unique offering from your energy essences, Spirit Medicine practices to attune into your own wisdom and magic of intuition, heart medicine and soul knowing. I will teach you the Shamanic Medicine ways through Ceremony, Journeys, Feminine Medicine Skills, working with the elements of the earth and the cosmos




Know your medicine

Receive a Soul Reading where I can share with you the medicine that you came here to share.

Clear out confusion and know with certainty and  clarity that you are not here to share the next wisdom teachings.

Spirit Offerings

 Turn your wounds into wisdom and align your offerings from the wisdom you would like to share.  This is where the real magic happens most of the time is not what you think, but more what you will receive through the Spirit Skill practices.

Incense, Smoking incense sticks, a light

Monthly medicine Spirit Tribe Gathering

1x1 Private Medicine Sessions and Group

 Luminous Reading

Create unique offerings with your medicine

Learn Shamanic practices to dive deeper into your medicine

Learn Light body work for yourself and your clients.

Learn Specific Medicine Ceremonies

Shamanic Energy Healing

Activating your Higher Energy Centers


Working with the 5 Spirits of Light


Open the portals of your

  Spirit Skills

Understand which Spirit skill is most dominant for you, do you receive inner visions, just know, hear things, feel things?

Are you accessing your Spirit Guides and your own Spirit within you?  Learn to create with the cosmos by connecting with your Spirit Gift.

Spirit Sanctuary

This is a space for those who have worked with me in the Spirit Work  sessions.  It is a community space where will build upon your Spirit Skills and Medicine within you.  It is a continuous process of self discovery of your wisdom. Each month we will practice, learn new tools to go deeper within your own medicine. On -line Virtual events, teachings, and practices.

Members Only starting in January


Learn how to clear space of spirits, heavy energy the shamanic way.  Using elements of the earth we will call upon water, fire and earth as medicine tools.  Learn how to make a offering for bless for sacred ground

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You are a amazing intuitive being

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