Ceremonies are portals to which anyone can walk through and embrace in their daily lives for healing, cleansing and accessing the Spirit Side of your self.  Each recording is channeled through me from Spirit.  If there is a specific healing for yourself or someone you care about that you would like, I will work with Spirit to create a customized ceremony.

These ceremonies are a mix of active and stillness giving you the power to control how deep your soul is ready to go.  They are self-transformational ceremonies that work at the physical, energetic and spirit level.

Personal ceremonies are powerful experiences that can guide you in actualizing your dreams, your unique medicine gifts, and transformation on your journey.  These ceremonies honor times of transitions in your life and provide support in times of growth, loss, liberation and inner seasons.

 Each medicine journey ceremony has been gifted to me from Spirit or teaches I was guided to.  Each personal ceremony will be channeled specifically for  you providing direction on the medicine compass to let you know what direction you are in your life, along with a healing, message and ceremony to continue to work with until 

Recorded ceremonies will be coming soon and you can purchase each one separately or follow the path of the medicine compass and direction depending on where you are on your journey.

As we journey through the medicine compass and our luminous lightbody each ceremony will engage your five senses to enter into the cosmic senses the ether space of the unseen to bring forward spirit medicine and transformation


Medicine Journeys & CEREMONIES ARE ANCIENT healing modalities

Corrina creates Ceremonies for a unique experience

I fell in love with ceremonies as part of  my Shamanic Initiation training, I wanted to learn every ceremony across all cultures. Something woke up inside me it stirred up a soul experience and healing like known other than I had before. I learned traditional ceremonies from Daoism, Shamanism and Buddhist traditions, but I also use my Medium skills to create ceremonies based on what the soul is calling for.  I use flower essence, smoke, sound, herbal fires, and flower bano's to create an unique experience for you. Ceremonies have assisted me in my everyday life to grow personally and connect to the earth and the cosmos, to become my own healer and help thousands of others.
Ceremonies have the ability to calm the body and move from the known to the unknown where deep healing, shifting of energy, and awakening happen.
Ceremonies are known for cleansing emotional and thought toxins from the body. 
Some Ceremonies, Cacao, Cleansing, Feminine Re-Birthing  Ceremony, Soul Retrieval, Fire Ceremony, Healing Ceremony, Awakening Cermony