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Listening to the whispers of your soul I will create customized CEREMONIES & RITUAL healings  For  you. These sessions are a multi-sensory experience touching your heart, soul and spirit

Every sessions starts with a Soul Medium(Whisper) Consultation

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CEREMONIES ARE ANCIENT healing modalities

Corrina creates Ceremonies for a unique experience

I fell in love with ceremonies as part of  my Shamanic Initiation training, I wanted to learn every ceremony across all cultures. Something woke up inside me it stirred up a soul experience and healing like known other than I had before. I learned traditional ceremonies from Daoism, Shamanism and Buddhist traditions, but I also use my Medium skills to create ceremonies based on what the soul is calling for.  I use flower essence, smoke, sound, herbal fires, and flower bano's to create an unique expereince for you.

Ceremonies have the ability to calm the body and move from the known to the unknown where deep healing, shifting of energy, and awakening happen.

Ceremonies are known for cleansing emotional and thought toxins from the body. 

Some Ceremonies, Cacao, Cleansing, Feminine Re-Birthing  Ceremony, Soul Retrieval, Fire Ceremony, Healing Ceremony, Awakening Cermony

your soul is a huge part of who you really are

and we can access your soul only through the subtle worlds

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Integrated Energy Medicine

 Energy medicine has been practiced for hundreds of years and science is just catching up with the healing it can provide. I have infused energy medicine from different cultures such as Shamanism from Peru, China, and Eastern Yoga traditions which have provided transformational results for the women I work with. Energy medicine addresses the root causes of mind, body and soul.  In the subtle realms of energy all imprints of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and past soul lives resides. In these imprints we can access the repressed feelings, the soul stories, and the repeated energy patterns that is causing disruption to your wellness.

Everything is energy including you, your cells, your DNA, your body, your thoughts, your emotions.  In the Western world this seems to be overlooked when addressing someone's overall wellness, but thanks to the Eastern Healing Arts we are able to truly touch our own essence and experience our SOUL and Spirit to call upon our own healing and awakening.


You are a amazing intuitive being

Self-Healing Heart Chakra Meditation. Wo

virtual Medicine Vision Sessions

 subtle BodyWork

We start with a consultation so I get a better understanding from you and your soul what is needed at the time.  II will start to identify if we are dealing with matters of the heart(emotions), soul support and growth your essences  and where patterns of energy are blocked. I will then work with and provide a session best aligned to your needs. These sessions could Self Massage, Acupressure, Breath work, Energy Cleansing, inner awareness practice.  These sessions can be combined with services depending your needs.

These sessions will provide you with tools in our session so that you may call upon them yourself when needed.  These sessions provide transformation, awakening, healing and restoration for mind, body and soul


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