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Experience a vibrational shift and understand the medicine you hold within you.




These sessions are customized for your needs.

Come back to a blissful state of being

Ceremony is meant to address your needs of healing,  support during your spiritual ups and downs,  rebalancing the energy within and raising your vibration to a whole new state of being in the world.

They are very sacred and are held with an energy of deep compassion, love and understanding.

  • Flower Offering Ritual

  • Energetic Cleansing of the Auric Field

  • Medicine Vision of what is coming through & flower water ritual to raise your vibrational bod.

  • Energetic surgery if required

  • Energetic Scan of physical and auric field

  • Smoke Ritual

  • Ceremony to take away


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Tel: 647-338-4584

Email: corrina@mammamiracles. com

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