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Weaving Ceremony into your Lightwork Everyday


Learn the art of working in between worlds of Spirit and Matter

Ceremony Medicine is an ancient practice across different cultures and time,  it was called upon times before your feet touch the earth. Ceremonies were called upon to perform healing, support and awakening for a person or group.  The time is now to put the empowerment back into others hands to teach them to call upon their own healing powers, and wisdom within them. The practice of utilizing ceremony medicine will call upon your intuition, your creativity and ability to track energy. In ceremony medicine teachings you will learn to engage your client or group as part of the ceremony and witness the power and healing that takes place.


  • Introduction to Ceremony Medicine

  • Understand the medicine directions and our Light Allies to bring into ceremony.

  • Creating an interdimensional Alter.

  • Speaking from the heart and being a true channel for your spirit allies 

  • Space and Medicine Components for different Ceremonies

  • Preparation practices for the Healer or Practitioner for Ceremony

  • Creating the Energy for the Space based on the Energy Scan for your Client or Group. 

  • Learn ceremonies for healing the body, the soul and connecting to the Spirit.

  • Working with the Elemental Allies

  • Shamanic Journeying and Self-Led Vision Quest

  • Learn a special smoke ceremony, water ceremony, cleansing, rainbow and more, healing, and ceremony to support yourself through your spiritual growth.

  • Work with plant medicine, herbs, stones and sound.

  • Intuitive Ceremony creating with the Spirit and the Creator

  • Create your ceremony and share with students.


FIRE CEREMONY: Transformation 

RAINBOW CEREMONY: Heal the emotional Scars

HEALING CEREMONY: Working with the Soul

DESCPACHO CEREMONY: Prayers and Offerings

CACAO CEREMONY: Opening the Heart Space

CLEANSING CEREMONY: Luminous Liberation

DRUMMING CEREMONY: Connecting to the Spirit Guides and Ancestors

SMOKE CEREMONY: Purifying and Cleansing the mind

Ceremonies we will work with


Join us for this live on-line program 10 per session

Come away with tools and practices feeling confident and empowered to weave Ceremony in your daily practice and your lightwork. The more you connect with Spirit, practice your intuitive skills, learn to read energy the more magical ceremony becomes. The course is open to anyone who wants to learn the magic of Ceremony Medicine and feel empowered to source what is needed for time of spiritual growth, wellness, and harmony for yourself and others.

The teachings that I call upon are Shamanism, Daoism that will be a portal for us to walk through and find our way of our unique ceremony offerings.


Wednesday & Saturdays

Starting  Saturday on November 14th, 21 and 28th 9:30 to 12:00

Wednesday November 18th, 25th, 31st: 7:00 to 9:00

Your investment is 888.00

Deposit of $100.00 to hold your space

Once the deposit is made there are no refunds.


Corrina Choe

Corrina is the founder of Luminous Liberation a  Energy Medicine Program for practitioners.  She is an Intuitive Medicine Seer, a Master Integrated Energy practitioner,  Ayurveda Certified Consultant, Ayu-yoga and Kundalini Certified, Ceremonalist, an initiated Shamanic healer,  a student completing her Shamanic Chinese Energy Medicine Certification.

The last 10 years Corrina has been a student always seeking how we can push the human boundaries to integrate the Spirit Self, she has been mentoring other lightworkers, runs a healing practice and offering workshops and teachings around Ceremony and Energy Medicine and the way of Shamanism.

Contact us:

Tel: 647-338-4584

Email: corrina@mammamiracles. com

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