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Hello Beautiful Soul 

My name is Corrina and I have created, with Spirit, beautiful healing modalities that my soul was sent here to to do. I have had so many wonderful teachers along the way  across different cultures, time and space and I adore them all. Each and every teacher has lead me back to the most important teacher and healer  myself.  I knew since a young age I always wanted to help others feel loved no matter what, for when you feel loved, you feel everything.  Through my own transformation I realized that the real medicine that I needed was within me and that I was the healer.  


Spirit Vision was something I always had the ability to do, which means when I meet someone I see their soul and their Spirit and my Spirit helpers  allow me to see what is needed for that person to fully embrace their own medicine, so they can let the love in even more. I help them tune into their Spirit  and receive all that they need.  

I am also the founder of Mamma Miracles

Mamma Miracles means we are the miracle, we are the mamma of the earth, our children, ourselves, it means love, compassion, strength, and magic. As our mother earth shows us miracles everyday, every season,  we also have these miracles inside of us, the ability to heal, to shed, to let go, and grow.


Mamma means love, patience, kindness, understanding, feminine energy of strength, protection, resilience, teacher and mentor. In our sessions I hope you feel all of this when we are together, I hope I can be the mirror for you to see how amazing you truly are. I do not believe people are broken I believe we get  disconnected from our Soul and Spirit because of difficult times in our life, I believe that once your soul has a chance to connect with you again, you will remember the love within your own being  your  healer part of you will take over.


Since 2013 my focus of my teachings has been self mastery, healing and awakening the healer within. I enjoy teaching and sharing the profound combination of teachings of the Medicine Compass,  Shamanic Energy Medicine, Munay-Ki and Healing the Sacred Feminine workshops and Spirit Visions.


These practices allow the real being to emerge from within and the bridging of the inner and outer world for transformation.