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Corrina Choe 

FOUNDER of mamma miracles & Modern Day Shamaness

Corrina is a Master Shamanic Energy Healer and Teacher.  Corrina has studied the lineage of the Q'ero the Shamanic teachings from Peru.  She has earned her Mesa through her own transformation journey of the medicine wheel.  She has received  her Munay-Ki rites along with the Nusta Rites which has awaken her medicine within. Through this training  she walked in the darkness to work with her shadows, she re-wrote new stories for her life, she healed the deep wounds of her past and stepped bravely into her int a life of service now assisting other women to awaken their healer and sacred women in order to transform. 

Since 2013 my focus of my teachings has been, self mastery, healing and awakening the healer within. I enjoy teaching and sharing the profound combination of teachings of the Medicine Wheel,  Shamanic Energy Medicine, Munay-Ki and Nusta( Healing the Sacred Feminine) workshops.

Corrina has created training that provides deep healing through ceremony, rites and Shamanic energy medicine.  She created a transformation program by combining Muany-Ki & Nusta Rites.

These practices allow the real being to emerge from within, it allows the bridging the inner and outer world for transformation.

 We all hold our own healing medicine within us even in times when it does not seem possible.

The process

Our sessions are custom created for what is needed in the moment for you. Soul readings, body healing sessions, sound healing, healing breath, healing affirmations, essential oils, floral essences, crystals and ceremonies are all part of our offerings for your personal transformation. We address the heart of the matter and work to come to the root cause of the issue at hand. No stone is left unturned. 


Corrina recommends and guides self-healing rituals and ceremonies that include beautiful flowers, crystals, herbs and oils for a bath, as well as fire rituals, and water rituals.


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