Hello Beautiful Soul 


My name is Corrina I am the founder of Luminous Liberation, a Energy Healing School for Lightworkers and healers that offers three Levels of Training to discover and strengthen your unique medicine through Shamanic and Taoist Alchemy and Energy practices so you Light up the World. You will meet the great Master within you.

I am also the creator or Luminous Lightprint & Checkups utilizing my own medicine gifts of being a Medicine Seer.  I have the ability to receive visions into your energy fields which include your true souls purpose and the healing that is needed to align you on your highest path. I am also able to see your medicine as an energy vibration. I have worked with many women to heal trauma and heartache so they can go shine their light again.

I have been initiated into the Lineage of the Chumpi Paqo that comes from the Qero Nation the last Inca Town in Cusco.  They call me the Super Nusta Paqo and Visionary. I will continue to always learn from my lineage family. I am currently completing my Master Paqo Training and final initiations


I have also received training to work with the plant medicine Cacao in Ceremony.

I have received my 350 hour certification for Ayuveda Yoga and Kundalini, as well I hold a certification as a Ayurveda Consultant from The Ayurveda Experience School. 

I hold over 15 certifications which include Meditation, Ayurveda Healing Therapy, Spiritual Counseling, Health Coach, Polarity Energy Medicine, Shamanic Energy Medicine, Reiki Master and Ancestral Healing.

I am also completing my Shamanic Taoist Alchemy Arts Training 

I also worked in the Corporate World for over 25 years.

I look forward to our path crossings and always follow your Soul as it will  always lead you back to your miracle which is YOU.

This is the great secret. 

If you answer to what calls you, then the greatest treasures of life 

and your destiny will be revealed to you. 

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Tel: 647-338-4584

Email: corrina@mammamiracles. com

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