I 'm Corrina 

I see things

Hello Beautiful Soul 

My name is Corrina and as a Intuitive Medicine Seer and Holistic Integrative Energy Arts practitioner I am dedicated to helping lightworkers, and healers  discover their unique Superpowers aka their medicine and helping people to access their own healing abilities and feel empowered to take control over their overall wellness. 

I a seeker of  Liberating the Human to the Spirit Self, mystical experiences and spiritual growth. I love to show others how to awaken this magic within themselves, so they can awaken Spirit Self where all the magic happens. I have studied and continue to study all portals that open the door to this mission of Integrating the Human and Spirit Self fully through Nei Gong,  Shamanism from Peru and China,  through deep studies of our lightbodies and auric fields.  I want Rapid Transformation for my clients who are on their healing path and I want lightworkers to tap into their own Spirit Powers to extract their wisdom to share.

When I was 14 I discovered my medicine I knew I had the ability to receive visions for others, I could see their soul, I could see the real them I saw their beautiful light and also how much pain they were carrying with them and how to heal it.  Over the years my medicine grew, and I worked with 100’s of clients and eventually started working with other lightworkers and healers to help them discover their medicine.

Through my healing practice, mentoring, courses, and a deep desire to help others, I have mentored women to awaken their medicine and feel empowered to share it with others. To awaken a part of themselves that they never knew they had and listen to their calling.

While my path has lead me to many spiritual teachings and healing modalities, I tend to follow the guidance of my Spirit and Wisdom from that which is unseen and beyond forms and structures. The healing modalities and teachings I engage in is Shamanism, Daoism and Transcendal psychology utilized to provide a gateway  to step through for liberation, self healing and integrating the Human, Soul and Spirit Self. 

In Shamanism within the community each person has a special medicine that they discover and share with the community.  They train and strengthen that medicine through practices and connection to the earth and heavens. By teaching women Shamanic practices they start to sense their very own medicine.

Today I publish weekly newsletters, share visions that come to me on Instagram, Private healing ceremonies, provide Luminous Lightprint Readings, Mentorship and in-depth on-line course, Luminous Liberation.

I am seeker of Spirit and I will continue to learn and learn and see how I can push my human self to reveal my Spirit Self more and more. I am driven to share my learnings with the next generation of Lightworks and Healers. .

 I live in Canada and love Spring and Fall; I love pink roses and being outdoor as much as I can. I am a mom to one beautiful boy, and I love setting up ceremony for myself over watching TV.


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This is the great secret. 

If you answer to what calls you, then the greatest treasures of life 

and your destiny will be revealed to you.