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seer|INTUITIVE MEDIUM HEALER |Ritual& Ceremony Pracitioner

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Relax, close your eyes and see the magic in the darkness

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"It was as if she stared into my soul and could see all the things I myself knew deeply. Corrina chanelled a message that I was so longing to hear and she shared a vision of what my gifts were to share. She was able to put into words what I have been feeling for years and then I drifted into another world while she provided healing. Afterwards she shared a beautiful ceremony for me to do on my own. I wish I would of found Corrina earlier, I have such clarity now.


My  gift allows me to  help people find their way back home to themselves, and align their energies to there truest path in life.

In times of uncertainty and confusion and trying to understand what your purpose is, waiting for answers that you seek,  I got you covered. 

 When you are looking outside yourself for answers, I will steer you inwards to listen to  your own wisdom I will offer you a glimpse of your own beautiful soul and connect you to your Spirit.

I will guide you back to your power, your love, and help you co-create with the universe a life you love so much.

I am here as your Soul Medium, Luminous Liberator and Spirit Guide

For you to source your wonderful healing, soul messages and medicine gifts inside you. To support you during your time of spiritual growth, personal healing and where you get stuck during that process.

I have a unique medicine gift where I receive visions of your luminous soul that shows me where the shadows are where the wounds are stuck.  When I receive those visions I am able to liberate your luminous field  through sacred ceremonies and healing and empower you to move forward. Along with this unique gift I weave together healing ceremonies, Luminous Energy Liberation Work, and hold a safe space for you.

I utilize my abilities as a Medicine Seer & Healer infusing Eastern practices of Daoist Medicine, Shamanic Chinese Energy Medicine to work with the internal 5 Spirits within the body and the Subtle Energy Fields of the Chakra's, and Luminous Auric Field surrounded the body. This allows me to gain access to the unseen and what is going on behind the scenes of someone, tapping into the rivers of energy in your body, soul history and your Spirit Adviser.

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Carol a Grief Coach and Healer

I signed up for your Munay-Ki Medicine Training. Corrina was born to teach others how to bring their medicine powers forward. The training was sooo much more than I had hoped for.I’m incredibly thankful for this certification because in addition to deepening my own spiritual healing, as a Grief Healer I’ve learned new techniques and rituals that will allow my clients to reach new connections with their inner selves, heal their soul, release  their most painful secrets and feel empowered.My energy has shifted into a whole new realm. I am forever grateful to you.

Patricia a Shamanic Healer

I  I recently had the pleasure of participating in the Shamanic Cleansing course offered by Corrina over 2 Saturday mornings.  As a Shaman myself, this was one of the best workshops I have ever attended.   Corinna is a highly gifted Shaman, healer, and teacher. She is knowledgeable, caring, patient and so open, and giving with her teachings.  I felt like I ended the workshop with a year's worth of knowledge and teachings. Although I was in Calgary and she in Toronto, the distance did not matter at all.  I could feel her guidance and mentorship from across the country.  If you are interested in receiving healing or attending one of her workshops or sessions please do not hesitate.  You have found the very right healer at Mamma Miracles.

Michelle  a Energy Healer

I came to see Corrina when I was lost and I was 

not sure what my purpose or medicine was in life and she made me feel so calm and provided such a sacred space for me to unravel and connect with my soul. She had the ability to understand what was in my soul and provided Spirit insight to me. The ceremony was very special and one I use to this day. I am forever grateful for the empowered I feel today.

Corrina is a dedicated and passionate Medicine Soul Seer and she provides soul support when it comes to matter of the heart, soul and spirit.
Corrina's  gift allows her to focus in on your energy  and understand what your  soul needs she is a Master Holistic Certified Energy Practitioner weaving in Eastern Arts of  Shamanic Alchemy, Inner Bodywork, Neidan, Flower Point Acupuncture, Smoke Ceremony.
Corrina has created Soul Prescriptions  that is is customized for your Soul needs  including Alchemy Formula's and Ceremonies for the Soul and Spirt.



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