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You are and will always be a conduit of Light. Luminous Liberation Healing Arts  was a vision I received as a  powerful healing modality combination of working with the Subtle/Energetic Bodies, Ceremony, Movement Vision Quest  Journey's rooted in ancient traditions of  Shamanism from different lineages. The quest is to liberate the Soul and Spirit by healing and releasing the stuck energy and lifting the veil of the false self.  Through working with the multi- dimensional energetic directions of the physical, astral and spirit luminous fields we can map out a new journey for ourselves and dissolve wounds, old imprints and reweave new energetic lights to become the creators of our lives.

As a healing modality combining movement, ceremony, subtle energy and breath work it provides a full embodiment experience. It has been proven that change happens much faster when we are engaged in the experience.  We are a conduit of light and have the ability to shift, change, heal and co-create.  We are armed with Luminous tools for living her on this earth plane, your intuition ,soul, your breath, and vibration let us remember how to to use them.


Your Luminous Lightprint is designed to help you understand yourself from a different point of view. You have a light body that holds your highest wellness, your highest potential. All the answer you seek reside there, all the healing , all that you were meant to be.


Join me in the upcoming workshops. These workshops are around self-discovery, strengthening your healing abilities as a healer, remembering your medicine,  These workshops are steeped in ancient teachings of shamanism, shamanic alchemy, ceremony, and sacred feminine arts.


Is a Vision Quest Journey through movement, ceremony, activation of your Light body to discover your Spirit Self, and heal at the soul level 

Within this process you will discover your own Medicine as we journey through the Light Layers of your Being in the different dimensional directions .


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