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Miracle Medicine



Sacred Body Activation, Movement Medicine, Ceremony

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mamma miracles

mamma miracles

 Sacred Body Activation

Embodiment of sacred energy channels of ecstasy, wisdom and healing power released through medicine dance journey,ceremonies and self initiations. Steeped in ancient teachings across worlds and times creating pathways in the body to awaken and connect deeply to our medicine and power. 

Embody your Divine Powers

Unlock the hidden language of your Soul, Spirit and Energy Body

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Awaken your Healer, Learn Medicine Journeys, Ceremonies & Shamanic

Energy Medicine Teachings





Gather together monthly to activate your medicine, your healer, your divine powers.

Themes set every month to deepen our practices to awaken the feminine

powers of intuition, directing energy, opening the channels in our body.



Ceremony Mentorship

Private Ceremony & Mentorship

Be in ceremony with your Spirit Guides. Each ceremony is customized for you and your needs. Ceremony can include medicine movement,sound, healing, support, unfolding, cleansing & blessings.


Strengthen your healing power.

Activate the Feminine Alchemist, Channeler, Diviner, Ceremonialist,

Shape Shifter, Spirit Weaver

Women's Ceremony Sessions

These energy sessions are customized for what your soul is calling for, what your body  needs to release.  The experience could include hands on energy healing, medicine journeys where I am guided to embody the healing that is needed and transfer on to you. Cha Dao Tea Ceremony to  awaken the stillness.

Most importantly you are engaged fully in the healing, we always start with a cleansing and a womb healing, then we can be guided to move or dance in our body, along with deep breath work and a reconnection to your spirit energy.

I will hold the candle in the darkness and we go deeper and deeper to heal the repressed female energy.

If you feel disconnected from your body, always in your head, looking for others to make decisions for you, fearful to stand in your confidence, unable to to break unhealthy patterns even when you know it is good for you, then dear one healing is needed.

When we reconnect to our Soul essences we feel at peace, we find our Divine Spot on this earth.


You were born magical, do not dim your light anymore. Activate your feminine energy of intuition, healing your medicine visions and transform & claim your medicine of WHO YOU ARE creative, compassionate, wild, and holder of love