Miracle Medicine

Empowering you to activate your own Supernatural abilities to heal, and awaken


Corrina Choe

Clairvoyant & Integrated Energy Medicine Women 

Through intuitive healing visions, distant and hands on high frequency subtle energy shifting,  clairvoyant energy counselling Corrina uses her Luminous Liberation Energy System to bring awareness to what needs nourishing and healing. She  empowers you to tune into your Elevated Emotional Enlightenment states and guides you  to  move into  the field  of source to show you what is possible for your future self, where there is no pain but where you will be met to experience a high frequency of  love and your Spirit.  Spirt will provide you with wisdom and guidance always.

What you can expect through this system, Trauma Recovery, Emotional Enlightenment,  Soul Illumination Empowerment to active your own healing, tapping into your SuperNatural  abilites, a feeling of wholeness and unlimited power within yourself.  Corrina will connect you to your Spirit which is your highest teacher and healer.

We are a society that suffer from Soul Separation  more than anything and this is the deepest healing that will liberate us from all other suffering

Are you ready to feel Empowered?




"It was as if she stared into my soul and could see all the things I myself knew deeply. Corrina chanelled a message that I was so longing to hear and she shared a vision of what my gifts were to share. She was able to put into words what I have been feeling for years and then I drifted into another world while she provided healing. Afterwards she shared a beautiful ceremony for me to do on my own. I wish I would of found Corrina earlier, I have such clarity now.


 GET IN THE FLOW WITH a higher frequency

Tune into your Spirit and follow that voice

it heals, it reveals

it changes your life

Are you ready to be unlimited?


 Women's Whole Wellness

Be Empowered

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Fertility, Relationships,Menopause,Burnout, Trauma

Deep Transformational Ceremony Experience

Emotional Enlightenment

 Tap into a space beyond yourself

Private Ceremony

Be Magnificent

Intuitive Energy Treatments

 Be SuperNatural & Unlimited

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Corrina is a dedicated and passionate Intuitive Seer, Clairvoyant, Lightbody Specialist, for tapping into your Soul and Spirit. She is a trained as a Shaman Therapist, Shamanic Daoist Energetic practitioner, Quantum healer. 


She is a practitioner of Integrative Energy Medicine providing

healings, and transformation 

She believes every human has the capacity to heal, and has their unique medicine to share with the world.

Corrina's  gift allows her to focus in on your energy  and understand what your  soul needs are.  Corrina is a  Master Holistic Certified Energy Practitioner weaving in Eastern Arts from Shamanism and Daoism.

Corrina  is personally always exploring and discovering how unlimited we truly are,  how much power we hold within ourselves to open beyond the everyday of the human being. She is a explorer of seeking mystical experiences, exploring how to access high frequency to open superconsciousness.

Lets journey together