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Corrina Choe

Intuitive Energy Medicine Women

Through intuitive counselling, tuning into your energy frequency, hands on channeled healing, shamanic ceremonies and guided medicine vision  journey Corrina uses her Luminous Liberation Energy System to  active your own healing within, repair the energy fields, rebalance the emotional and mental imprints from trauma.   Our subtle energy bodies hold every emotion, thought and experience, as well all possibilities to access higher vibrational frequency's. 

Our society is suffering from a pandemic of Soul Separation

Corrina specializes in working with the Soul+Shadow for deep awareness and awakening.

Each session provides you with an experience engaging your mind, body, soul and spirit so that you may become your own healer.  Each session is meant for you to get to a place where you can tune into your Spirit and seek advise.

Are you ready to Tune into your Spirit




"It was as if she stared into my soul and could see all the things I myself knew deeply. Corrina chanelled a message that I was so longing to hear and she shared a vision of what my gifts were to share. She was able to put into words what I have been feeling for years and then I drifted into another world while she provided healing. Afterwards she shared a beautiful ceremony for me to do on my own. I wish I would of found Corrina earlier, I have such clarity now.



Tune into your Spirit and follow that voice

it heals, it reveals

it changes your life

 Medicine Mentorship

Discovering your Medicine

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Learn to Navigate the world through your Spirit

Deep Transformational Ceremony Experience.

Customized Wellness Ceremonies

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Nourish your Spirit

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 Luminous Liberation Energy System

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Corrina is a dedicated and passionate Seer, Lightbody Specialist, Soul Doula, Shaman Therapist and she provides, healings  and support for all matters of emotions, mind and soul wellness. She is also a teacher and mentor sharing our knowledge across Shamanic Healing Arts, the Lightbody and Daoist 5 spirits.  She believes every human has the capacity to heal, and has their unqiue medicine to share with the world.

Corrina's  gift allows her to focus in on your energy  and understand what your  soul needs she is a Master Holistic Certified Energy Practitioner weaving in Eastern Arts from Shamanism and Daoism  which includes Inner Alchemy, Alchemy Body Movement,  Healing Ceremonies, Sound, Breath, and her ability as a Seer to receive messages from your Lightbody

Corrina creates medicine ceremonies  that is is customized for your Soul needs  including Alchemy Formula's for the Soul

and Spirit.